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Speaking with impact when opportunty strikes

While my fellow Professional Speaking Association speakers condemn the speech as far too long and unfitting, I’m siding with Bishop Curry. Given the chance to have the floor, he used it to the max.

That’s how it’s done.

Use your opportunity when you see it (especially when it’s a one-ff). It’s your opportunity, so think of the impact. Be outrageous to be remembered. Would anyone know the name Michael Curry outside his line of business had he been adhering –  modestly, meekly and moderately –  to the given format?

The only thing I could blame him for was the screech on the fairy tale set-up.

I loved the Windsor-Disney formula. Everything went beautifully to plan like in a proper fantasy. And then he broke the spell.  When he did, I started watching the audience. A small ripple of cringe… Ripple smoothed out by the expectation of perfection… A bigger ripple… Discomfort… Looking around to check if it’s you… Finding out it’s him not you… Smiling… Bonding with fellow sufferers… Joining in the Keep Calm And Hide Your Face movement… Feeling the warmth of common condemnation… Filing under My Best Dinner Stories That Actually Happened…

Being a great performer, B.M.C felt his audience and responded by wrapping up. I admire that. When speaking, always feel your audience.

Back to the formula: the carriage went around the castle, enhanced by sunshine and lack of wind, against the blue sky. Enchanting and suitably unreal. My favourite bit was the gracious display of phones, the best we have, so generously offered on stretched-out arms to the newly-weds… How sweet! This selfless act united the tradition with 2018.

And then it was over. Another wedding. What we recall is Michael Curry’s speech. It had the impact.


Great British Speakers

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