Precision Networking at techUK

Another workshop, another chance to explain how networking doesn’t have to be a pain. Business networking the way I do it is very serious, but never painful. You do need to take it seriously and you do need to focus. But then it just grows and grows, magically, every day, and there is nothing quite like it…

The best thing about being a trainer isn’t that you get to tell people what to do while they sit quietly and listen. (Although, let’s be honest: that’s nice.) The great thing about training is the feedback, in this case: “engaging and refreshingly useful workshop”. But the best thing is to hear that what you teach is working for someone straight after the workshop.

A few days later I got an email from a delegate saying, “Beatrice, I’ve got results! I’ve done as you said and look, this person just left me a testimonial, and these people invited me to sit on their panel.”


This calls for a cup of tea and another read. How delightful. They got results because they’d listened – and precisely listening is the base of successful networking. That is what I teach, along with the other four elements of my method. I developed the method in networking events, so none of what I advise is theoretical. I’ll share my knowledge with you when you come to my workshop.

The one I’ve described above happened last week at techUK, an efficient and very large organisation for the technical sector. To me, it was coming back to my roots, because I learned to network while promoting an innovative piece of technology.

It’s very rewarding to get my ideas across to technical people (although, technically, I’m not one of them). It was not easy at the very start and I had to learn to be more precise in the way I communicate.

Interestingly enough, the way most technical people network is not precise at all… So what I do, I put their inherent precision back in, and it makes networking work for them. They can see how the networking myths don’t need to be observed at all and it helps also with anxiety. Making yourself interesting and standing for hours holding a terrible glass of wine is not necessary. 

I believe in the human connection in business: the genuine, personal, in-depth conversation which is essential for good networking. I give lots of real-life examples showing how it works in business, then I break it down to logical and actionable bits. When put into action, it results in taking your business and your career to unexpected and very satisfying heights, which the email above has just demonstrated.

Come and join us on 26th Sept in the City.


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