Beatrice the Networking Expert and Author

Beatrice the Networking Expert and Author

Beatrice is a leading authority on business networking. She identifies the problems that stop you from effective networking and replaces them with a high-impact system.

She helps you build lasting business relationships and communicate the values and services of your organisation with greater precision.

Her proven method is tailored to suit your personality and business.

With the unique combination of over 6,000 hours of personal business networking and a background in the performing arts, Beatrice Freeman has exploded the myths about networking and created an easy-to-follow approach that brings results.

The internet is full of networking theory: that’s not what Beatrice does. She will help you understand what works in practice and she’ll show you step-by-step how to master it. Together, you’ll tackle tricky situations and get rid of the frustration. You'll experience a big sigh of relief. And then you'll stop wasting time in networking events and start enjoying the business benefits of personal connections.

Best results are achieved through her half-day workshop offer, which includes monitoring and follow-up.

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Her approach teaches you:

  • How to save time;
  • How to make time work for you;
  • How to get authentic engagement;
  • How to release your inner networker.

The course is perfect for:

  • Partners who need to bring in new clients;
  • Professionals who want to advance their career;
  • Executives and managers who want to add impact to professional expertise;
  • Event organisers who want to offer compelling content.

Course outline:

  • A half-day workshop;
  • Contains personal coaching and practical applications;
  • A follow-up session to support your development.

What you'll achieve:

  • Better results from your networking efforts;
  • Greater control; more confidence; better presence;
  • Wider brand awareness leading to more clients;
  • A sustainable network based on personal connections.

Introverts Make Better Networkers

How Anyone Can Succeed

If you don’t have the time to attend one of her courses, there is a simple solution: just buy her book INTROVERTS MAKE BETTER NETWORKERS - it’s a practical, step-by-step guide to making networking really work for your business. You can find the print and ebook versions on Amazon.

In the press

The Guardian

Beatrice was featured in one of Britain's leading newspapers, the Guardian.
She shares what works in networking. Click here to read the article.