With or Without Tea

It was a warm afternoon. I was watching the river from my balcony with a nice cup of tea. Suddenly, the world got even lovelier: an email from someone who’d just bought my book! With a photo of the book on a desk with a cup of tea. I thought, how uncanny… Tea telepathy? But it was real, look, came from Seema.

Based on how good that photo made me feel, I wanted to recommend writing a book to you too. I know you have a book in you. It’s just waiting for that moment when you start writing it.

Mine poured out of me in 12 days. No, I’m not that talented – I didn’t actually make up a book in 12 days. I wrote it in 12 days, but it had been ready for a long time. I bet yours is too?

I wanted to make it easy for people like me to network. I prefer balconies to beaches and I like peace and tranquillity more than anything else. I know there are quite a few of people like that out there (otherwise balconies would get built).

The book makes business networking more accessible by showing step-by-step what needs to be done and where it leads. I worked it out when I had to network daily for mkryptor.

My strategies cover everything from getting into the room to adjusting the shape of your network. I replace the free-flow socialising with a structured action that puts you in control. You know what to say, how to say it and how to convert it into a thriving network of business friends.

This, in turn, grows your business and makes it easier for you to help others at the same time. You get a sustainable network and it replaces the LinkedIn make-believe activity with people you’ve never met who send you requests to be a number in this bizarre numbers’ game with followers who neither follow nor care. Your network is real.

The book is short and I add more stories when I hold networking workshops. I’m fond of short books. They go well with a tea-drinking session.

So I’m thinking here, why don’t you start writing your book now? See how much pleasure you’ll get when it’s done?

And when it’s done, someone will buy it and read it with a cup of tea. And maybe even send you the photo.

Go on (go on, go on, go on) — start writing now.


Beatrice Freeman is a nationally recognised networking strategist, networking coach and a great believer in the personal connection. “Introverts Make Better Networkers – How Anyone Can Succeed” is on Amazon now as paperback and e-book


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