Air pollution and how to escape it

I was tucking into a savoury doughnut, Finnish specialty, as I read the news: more than 10,000 premature deaths a year are being caused by air pollution. This made me think of the local forest. As city forests go, Helsinki has the best one. It is huge, varied, well maintained and full of glorious air. Lots of the natives do strenuous workouts there, so it also comes with shower rooms and sauna. I had flown in to do my networking workshops and now I deserved a treat. The sun was shining, it was still early – off to the forest!

It happened that the networking workshops I held fell around the amazing Helsinki Day –  a marvellous occasion, not dissimilar to royal anniversaries: tables get rolled out into the streets and everyone joins in. I would have said that we partied until dusk, but dusk is not included at this time of year. The famous white nights are on now and you can still catch them.

While you’re there, why not spend £5 on a return bus ticket to the city forest. Yes, the bus number is 66, but it’s not dangerous. And you’ll get to enjoy the most wonderful, fragrant, clean air.


Beatrice Freeman is a networking coach and trainer with her own proven methods to tackle live networking events without anxiety and with results. The workshops are based on her critically-acclaimed book “Introverts Make Better Networkers”. A member of Professional Speaking Association, an award-winning speaker and engaging panellist.

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